The Quiz (1/10)

1. What is the golden rule for a perfect pie crust?

The Quiz (2/10)

2. When adding water to the dough, you should add it:

The Quiz (3/10)

3. When cutting fat into the flour, the mixture should resemble:

The Quiz (4/10)

4. Holes in the top of a piecrust are:

The Quiz (5/10)

5. When measuring dry ingredients, you should use:

The Quiz (6/10)

6. What is the typical way to categorize a pie?

The Quiz (7/10)

7. What is the best type of pie plate to use?

The Quiz (8/10)

8. Which of the following is not a type of pie crust?

The Quiz (9/10)

9. What effect will the egg wash have on your pie?

The Quiz (10/10)

10. A pastry blender is used for:

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